Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS)

Accelerate deployment of finishing automation with our subscription service. The Touch Robot’s unique, self-contained and portable design make for plug-in installation, and with an affordable subscription model you get capable and flexible finishing technology that scales with your needs.

In-Process Inspection

With new, optional joint output encoders, and enhanced contact detection algorithms, the Touch Robot is able to measure part dimensions to within +/- .03 mm.

Weld bead finishing

The system uses a progression of abrasive media to grind and polish weld beads on a stainless steel frame. In-process measurements compensate for variability in the frame position and the size of the bead to deliver consistent results.

Welded frame corner

Automation for safety and productivity

Personal spacing is one means to keep workers safe. But factory workspaces are often most efficiently configured with people working in close proximity. Separation cannot be achieved without reducing production capacity. But what if you could add robots and both provide spacing and increase productivity? In this conceptual arrangement of […]