Perfectly Smooth Motion   Recently updated !

The actuators in the Touch Robot’s primary joints have been upgraded with slotless motors that have absolutely no torque ripple. While the previous low-ripple motors worked well in machining, the new actuators enable application in fine polishing tasks.



Celebrating Manufacturing Day

Force Robots will be presenting at Formtek, Inc’s Manufacturing Day event with American Spring Wire Corporation, Lincoln Electric, Media One, NSL Analytical Services, rp+m rapid prototyping and manufacturing, and Satellite Gear on 10/3/2014. Over 300 high school and college students will be attending and learning about manufacturing in America!

New Video On Force Robots Youtube Channel

We’ve added a new video to the Force Robots LLC YouTube Channel. This video demonstrates the ease of changing the Touch Robot’s burr. Once the burr is worn to the point that it is no longer effective, it must be changed by an operator. With this in mind, Force Robots ensured that changing the tool […]


Hannover Fairs USA

Read Our Press Release on Hannover Fairs USA

You can read Hannover Fairs USA’s coverage on Force Robots here.  Hannover Fairs is the English counterpart to Hannover Messe, the world’s largest industrial fair hosted annually in Hannover, Germany. The first fair was in 1947 and has grown to over 6,500 exhibitors and 250,000 attendees. Hannover Fairs USA is the leading force behind Industrial […]