New Video On Force Robots Youtube Channel

We’ve added a new video to the Force Robots LLC YouTube Channel. This video demonstrates the ease of changing the Touch Robot’s burr. Once the burr is worn to the point that it is no longer effective, it must be changed by an operator. With this in mind, Force Robots ensured that changing the tool part would be easy and intuitive for the operator.

To change the tool, two small wrenches are twisted in opposite directions to loosen the robots grip on the burr. The old burr is simply pulled out and switched with a new burr. The wrenches tighten and secure the part in, and then the robot can be easily positioned by the operator. This is done by pressing the button on the arm that allows the arms to be moved freely while activating the gravity compensation technology.

Once the part is changed, the robot must calibrate itself by doing a simple touch off on the face of the part posistioner to measure the tool length. That’s it! The Touch Robot is ready to machine more parts with it’s new burr! You can watch the video below, or on YouTube.