Reliable assembly with contact sensing and force control

The Touch Robot’s adaptability is demonstrated by assembling heat-set threaded inserts in a plastic injection molding. The videos first show how an imprecisely positioned part is located and the insert bottomed out in the pilot hole by using contact detection. Then, the insert is heated, and with steady force, pressed […]

Abrasive cutoff added to tool list

For those times when it is better to surgically cut away material rather than grinding it to dust or turning it into chips, the Touch Robot can employ a cutoff wheel. This can allow more material to be reclaimed!

Expanded tool changer with gripper

The number of stations in the tool changer has been increased to 5, increasing the range of work that the robot can perform. In addition, a gripper has been added to the menu of available tools. Now the robot can perform material handling, loading and unloading parts from its fixture!

Tool rack for robot tool changer

Intelligent operation solves ergonomic challenge

Removing tough material is even more difficult when the material is in a hard-to-reach area. This video shows how the Touch Robot can relieve the toughest work from manual finishers despite variation in tool condition and the amount of material to remove.