New edge chamfering capability

The Touch Robot now has the ability to chamfer edges, even when the edge may not be precisely formed or located. As seen in a new video on our YouTube channel, a light initial pass locates the existing edge, so that succeeding machining passes can remove the desired amount of material. So despite variation in the edge and cutting performance of the tool, you get consistent results!

Robot chamfering plate

Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Cover Story

Aerospace Manufacturing and Design magazine featured Force Robots on the cover of their March issue. Read how our system machines turbine engine castings here, or browse the flipbook of the full magazine.

Visit us at the 119th Metalcasting Congress

Force Robots will be exhibiting at the 119th Metalcasting Congress April 21-23, in Columbus, Ohio. As a bonus, the Precision Machining Technology Show will also be taking place in the same venue. A great opportunity to see the latest in manufacturing.

Manufacturing Today features Force Robots

Manufacturing Today’s Jeff Borgardt, in an article titled “Robot Revolution,” writes about how Force Robots got its start and describes the benefits of our force-sensitive, collaborative Touch Robot. Force Robots’ products represent a new age of manufacturing robots that use force to sense and perform their work. The technology allows […]